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XON Electronics Srl  is committed to protect the user privacy. This page reports how the personal information of the user accessing this web site are stored and treated. This is an informative notice conforming to the italian law "Art. 13 del D.Lgs. 30 giugno 2003, n. 196", titled "Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali" ("Rules about personal data protection") to the users which interact with web services provided by Aruba, and accessed via the internet address, and its linked pages falling in the same domain. This notice is valid only for the XON Electronics site, not for any other site reacheable by the user by mean of internet links.


The Data Controller is XON Electronics Srl, located in Via Giosuè Carducci, 9 Orbassano (TO), Italia.


Data treatment is performed internally by XON Electronics Srl in its offices, and carried out exclusively by technician personnel depending from XON Electronics either directly or indirectly.


XON Electronics only gathers data voluntarily entered by the user. The act of sending electronic mail to the addresses published in the XON Electronic sites automatically involves the acquisition, by XON Electronics, of the sender's address, needed to reply to the sender itself, and any other personal data the user/sender may have added to the message. It is possible that additional data are necessary to further process the user's request, and those data are acquired with complete user agreement. Computers and other devices used to implement the on-line services of XON Electronics acquire some data, implicit in the standard protocols used for the Internet system. These data are not gathered in order to associate them to identifiable subjects but, for their intrinsic nature, if processed and merged with other data owned by third parties, could lead to subject identification without the XON Electronics responsibility. Such data are for example: IP addresses or domain names used by the user, the URLs he/she asked for, time and date of the request, the file dimension obtained in response, and so on. Those data will be used by XON Electronics Srl exclusively in case of damage to the XON Electronics site caused by a law infringement, to identify the responsible subject.


No personal data is acquired by XON Electronics Srl. This site utilizes cookies in order to correctly perform the site navigation and the registration process, and these cookies have the sole purpose to maintain connection informations while the user is accessing the site. A cookie is a little piece of information the server sends to the user while browsing the site, and it is automatically discarded when the user closes the connection. Other kinds of cookies are not discarded, but this site does not use them. Cookies can not be used to execute programs or to inject viruses in the user's computer. Users can accept or deny cookies; if the user does not consent to accept cookies, the site could expose erratic behaviors.


Personal data gathered by this site are utilized uniquely to provide services to the users, when the users deliberately requests those services. Users can deny to provide the data necessary to perform the requested services; in this case, the services will be impossible to carry out.


In order to have further information regarding the user privacy, send the Privacy Chief Officer of XON Electronics Srl can be contacted via mail to:

Xon Electronics Srl
Attn. Privacy chief officer
Via Giosuè Carducci, 9
10043 Orbassano


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