Power I/O module for PC, with USB. Also works in stand-alone mode (internal PLC).

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Description: a really complete I/O module

EZ-Red is a special and complete module because it has digital I/O, analog I/O, power outputs, and even an encoder interface. This single module can replace 4 normal modules. It also features a power supply output @12V in order to power small devices. Moreover, it is equipped with an internal mini PLC which lets EZ-Red carry out real-time jobs taking them out of the PC, or even to work in stand-alone mode.

The 8 digital inputs work with voltages from 5 to 30 volts, the 2 analog inputs from 0 to 10 volts, as the 2 analog outputs do.

The 8 digital outputs are power outputs: they emit the voltage given as power supply, with a current up to 2A.

Lastly, 2 fast opto-insulated inputs are available as general purpose inputs or as encoder interface.

The power supply must be given externally, because the PC USB interface does not have suitable voltage and current; this power supply can range from 12 to 30 volts DC.

The internal PLC can be used to perform low-latency tasks, which are difficult for a PC; as all the normal PLCs, the EZ-Red has counters, timers, input conditioning, edge management and more. The free software that comes with EZ-Red is used to write the machine cycle (PLC program), debug it interactively, and transfer it to the internal EZ-Red non-volatile flash memory; it also possible to design graphic panels as GUI operator interface (HMI).

EZ-Red also contains an internal watch-dog to assure full safety in critical environments: it detetcts short-circuits, open (broken) loads, power supply failures, and communication losses with the PC. On whatch-dog intervention, all the outputs are set to a known (and programmable) state. Really few devices are as comprehensive as this I/O module.



Inputs and outputs

  • 8 digital inputs 5-30 volts
  • 8 power outputs (suitable for inductive loads) 2A (max 4A totals)
  • 2 fast (10Khz) opto-insulated inputs (suitable for encoders)
  • 2 analog inputs 0-10V
  • 2 analog outputs 0-10V
  • 1 aux power supply output 12V (13,5V) 200mA stabilized
(The above connections are on extractable connectors) USB 2.0 interface on type "B" connector.

Other characteristics

The communication with the computer is available in two protocols:
  • a windows DLL (dynamic load library) for use with most high level computer languages, LabView® included
  • a simple serial text console using easy and effective ascii text commands
EZ-Red also features an internal watch-dog to ensure reliable operations in case of hardware or software failure.

The internal PLC uses a hybrid language similar to Basic; both functional and procedural paradigms are supported, with up to 16 concurrent tasks.

Download: documentation

Reference manual (PDF, ~650 Kib)
Terminale emulation mode (text commands) manual (PDF, ~260 Kib)
TSMON (integrated IDE/compiler/debugger for EZ-Red PLC) manual (PDF, ~670 Kib)
Programming manual (PDF, ~330 Kib)
Operator GUI (HMI) editor (PDF, ~900 Kib)


Download: software

The following archives contain the TSMON IDE and the communication DLL:

DLL library and compiler (windows, file ZIP, ~1.1 Mib)
DLL library and compiler (64 bit windows, file ZIP, ~1.4 Mib)

The above files are password protected with "EZ" (capitals, without quotes).

⇒ It is now available the free program for data acquisition, recording and analys XDataLogger, expressly designed for EZ-Red. Download the XDataLog program (windows executable), or go to presentation page for more info (download and program sources are available there).



When the device is connected to the PC, the Windows operating system automatically detects the hardware; for troubleshooting or advanced options please refer to FTDI (the USB communication chip supplier) and its driver page.


Other material

More material on EZ-Red can be found in the EZ-Red technical support page.


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