Ministep (M3)

Stepper motor drive 12-30V 3A, with RS-485 (Modbus / simple text)

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Description: advanced bipolar stepper drive

Ministep in an advanced stepper motor drive. Movements are commanded via its RS-485 interface with high-level functions, the drive takes care of the generation of the configurable ramps and currents. Using this drive it becomes easy to control a stepper motor from a PLC or from a PC, even with interpreted of scripting languages; the drive, once told where to send the motor, is in charge of all the motor management details. Thanks to the RS-485 data line, it is possible to connect in parallel several drives (and other I/O modules), even at great distances. Ministep also has 3 inputs and a Ready output; so it is possible to interact with other devices such a quadrature encoder to implement a closed-loop control. Otherwise, the inputs can be used to control the drive with Step/Direction signals, and an added input to reduce the current in stand-by. In this latter case, the RS-485 can be used only to set up the drive and then save the settings in the internal flash memory.


Technical data

  • Power supply from 12 to 30 volts D.C.
  • Driving current pp to 3A continuous (6A peak)
  • Full step, half step, and up to 1/16 microstepping
  • Configurable currents for hold, run, acceleration and deceleration
  • Completely programmable speed profiles
  • Commands for absolute and relative positioning, and other advanced functions
  • 3 general purpose, limit switch or encoder inputs; 1 Ready/Busy digital output
  • Configurable from rotary selector, dip-switches, and internal flash memory
  • Internal watch-dog for safety and reliability
  • 2 status LEDS
  • Electronic circuit completely embedded in resin
  • Plastic case with fixing loops
  • RS-485 interface with Modbus protocol and/or simple text commands
(The connections are available on extractable terminal block).

Other characteristics

The inputs (0-30V) can be used in different ways:
  • all are readable from RS-485, and have an associated counter
  • FC can be connected to a switch to obtain precise resets (zeros)
  • I2 and I3 can be used to command the drive via Step/Direction signals
  • I2 and I3 can also be used to connect an incremental quadrature encoder

The Modbus protocol is a well established industrial protocol, functional and easy to use. Alternatively, the simple text command protocol is even more easy to implement, and suitable for small computers / scripting languages.


Download: documentation

Ministep user manual (PDF, ~800 Kib)

Download: supporting software

Setup and test utility (windows program ZIP, ~1Mib)

This utility can interact with the drive and set/save the core settings. Extract the archive in a chosen folder, and run the excutable.




Further documentation and materials are available online in the Ministep technical page.


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