TP-31 "Fast" (10 pcs pack)

Rolling shutter sensor (10 pieces)

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Delivery date: 24-48 hours

Description: rolling shutter movement sensor (10 pieces pack)

This patented sensor is easy and fast to install: there is no need to open the shutter box.

The TP-31 senses the movement thanks to its gummed wheel, held pressed to the shutter with a spring. There are two holes for fixing, two wires to connect, and this device is ready to work.

Available in two colors, white and maroon.

Together with every pack, two free pulse-counting boards are included.


Tecnical data

  • Pulses per centimeter: 2
  • Wheel diameter: mm 26
  • Dimensions: mm 28 x 83 x 18 (deepness)
  • 2 holes for fixing
  • Wire connection, wires 1 & 2: pulse out
  • Wires 3 & 4: closed together (optional tamper line)



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