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Our company has more than twenty years of experience in electronics and software, in different fields, mostly industrial.

We designed and produced many electronic devices, firmware and software for many different applications - industrial and non-industrial, taking care to understand the customer's needs to translate them into effective and reliable products.

Nowadays we decided to make available our know-how through this new e-commerce site, were we propose some of the products we designed. We hope that this site will grow, thanks to the customer's requests and advices.

We propose also a range of other products, not produced by us, but imported from all the world - especially from Far East. We know those products, we have tested them, and we have verified their performance and reliability; this is why we are comfortable in selling them to our valuable customers.


 Our products

Devices developed by us are designed thinking at performance and durability: every single devices is tested and controlled before it leaves our laboratories, and the declared performances are true.

Normally, our products are available in stock.


Imported products

Together with our products, we propose others we buy from companies we are collaborating with. We also propose a range of products imported from Far East, products we used in our applications so we know their quality level.

Even for imported products, we perform a quality test to verify that they respect the declared characteristics.


 Hardware and firmware

For those products requiring a program, either embedded or on a PC, we can supply an "all inclusive" solution. The customer must only send us an inquiry, describing its needs and requisites. We will promptly reply back with the cost and lead time, and an item code to put in the shopping cart in order to make the payment.


Delivery time

Delivery time is normally 48 hours, and the goods travel with tracked couriers. dal magazzino al cliente sono normalmente di 48 ore e la merce viaggia tramite corrieri tracciati, The shipping cost is €9 for goods up to 50kgs.


Post-purchase support

We give post-purchase support for free to help our customers with problems about installation, configuration and usage of our products, on both hardware and software.

Customers can ask for support by sending emails to tecnico@xonelectronics.it and describing what the problem is, along with any other useful information. Our staff will reply soon.


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